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Criteria 1: Documentation required of an NGO
  • The registration document (Trust Deed/Memorandum of Association (MOA)) ensures that an organisation is a legal registered body. The aims and objectives of the MOA or the Trust should be that it is formed for the welfare of the society and not involved in political or religious activities
  • The Income Tax Registration 12 A Certificate ensures that the Income Tax Department has recognized the organisation as being charitable in nature.
  • Registration U/S 80Gensures that donations to the organisation are eligible for income tax deduction and the organization is renewing certificate every three years
  • FCRA registration certificateensure that the Ministry of Home Affairs has approved that the organisation is eligible to receive grants from foreign sources

Criteria 2: Financial Information about the organisation
Balance sheet and the annual report: accounts statement audited must be analysed for:
  • Track record of the organisation
  • Grant handling capacity in relation to funds
  • Financial activity

Criteria 3: Profiles of the trustees and the organisation
Profiles of the trustees and the organisation are analyzed for:
  • The number of relatives in the governing structure / employees
  • Institutional capacity
  • The proportion of men and women among the staff and governing body
  • The relationship with the community and the kinds of community structures being developed

Criteria 4: Impact of the NGO's programme
Activity / annual reports or references from previous donors
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