Project Formulation

Conceptualization of full-fledged proposal
development with baseline/need assessment,
activity work plan, budgets and
timelines etc.

Objective setting

The objectives are designed after doing a careful assessment about the current program/activities of the company. The objectives are aligned with the business requirements of the company and assessing the needs of the community in which it operates.

Design intervention model

The program design is based on the needs of the target community, relevance and ground realities after assessing the feasibility of scaling up. The intervention model explicitly describes problem analysis, profile of the beneficiaries, suitability in the community, project activity, logical framework, assessing risk and providing mitigation strategy, sustainability etc. Stakeholder analysis is also carried out depending on requests.

Developing a long term strategy to align with business goals

We develop the program strategies that make a difference to the donor's business and to the communities they wish to help. CAF India recognizes that the combined impact of giving, engagement and partnerships can be maximized by developing strategic approaches with ambitious and achievable objectives.

Finalizing the partnership

An MOU is signed to formalize the partnership. There are two types of MOUs signed for every project. One MOU is given to the donor where he agrees to provide funds and we agree to deliver the programme as per the final approved plan. The other MOU is signed with the NGO partner, who agree to ensure required process is in place and abides to effective implementation.