Creating sustainable solution for distressed farming communities of Marathawada

CAF India, with the support of the local partners, NGOs and government is closely assessing the ground realities and humanitarian needs of the affected population.

Goal: The project aims to create sustainable livelihood solutions for distressed communities of Marathawada region of Maharashtra.


  1. Improved access to water and food supplies by distressed farming communities (short term impact)
  2. Increased ground water level in the affected areas through water harvesting and ground water recharge structures
  3. Increased income of farming communities from sustainable agriculture

 Relief (Immediate) & Rehabilitation (Long-term)

Support will be extended to affected population in Marathwada. The nature of support will be both immediate (relief) as well as long term (rehabilitation), considering the magnitude of damage caused at different districts, including Latur, Beed, Osmanabad and Solapur. 

Immediate relief to the affected families is of utmost priority and the need of the hour in Marathwada.


Immediate Relief

  • Water tanks for safe drinking water
  • Temporay shelter (Tents/Tarpaulins)
  • Health and hygiene kits
  • Livilihood support
  • Food baskets
  • Cooking utensils
  • Community kitchens
  • Bedding sets/clothes

Broad Rehabilitation Areas

  • Reconstruction and renovation of water bodies
  • Land treatment support
  • Capacity building of farmers
  • Livelihood and economic empowerment
  • Health and education