Skill Building and Charities Aid Foundation India

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India has always recognised the importance of skill development and has worked hard towards it. Skill development and livelihood support is critical for the economic development of any nation. Some of our projects related to skilling have been advanced providing training like tailoring, small vocational training, IT-enabled training, livelihood income generation/ entrepreneurship support, green skilling, art and craft skilling and support, assistance to small scale business, beautician courses and placements through our NGO partners. Through the Kaushal India campaign, you can support vocational skills such as computer and IT skills, agriculture-based livelihood, housekeeping, entrepreneur training, customer relations, mechanic training. We are also working on providing work-place skills like basic computer skills, office management, English language, using the internet and training in acquiring soft skills like writing skills, voice training, improving communication skills, among many other skills-sets.