How CAF India supports the flood victims?

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India is working to provide immediate resources for relief and rehabilitation to the worst affected communities in these states which are in urgent need of temporary shelter support, sanitation and hygiene (especially women and children). Emergency health support services, fodder and shelter support for livestock, access to safe drinking water, and food and nutrition security are also being provided. In addition, long-term rehabilitation to livelihoods and infrastructure as well as disaster risk reduction activities are also a key focus area.

CAF India is reaching out to the affected people with the following support:

Immediate Relief

Providing Health and Hygiene Kits:

Contains bandage, ointment, ORS, sanitary napkins, cotton, nail cutter, shampoo, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, plastic bucket, water filter, mosquito net, water purification tablets etc.

Health Awareness initiatives: Medical camps will be conducted to prevent any water borne diseases and awareness sessions will be conducted on hygiene, sanitation and prevention of diseases

Providing shelter kit: The shelter kit contains tarpaulin, nylon rope, sleeping mat, candle, matchbox, safety pins, solar lamps etc.

Food Kit: contains rice, dal sugar, salt, oil etc.

Other essential relief support: Emergency Boats, used for mobile medicare.


Livelihoods support: We aim to revive agricultural and other economic activities like crafts, handlooms, restore livelihoods, and provide support for the psychological and social well-being of the affected communities.

Rebuilding community Infrastructure: Our on-ground partners help repair and restore community facilities like schools, aangawadis, community halls etc.


Our disaster risk reduction and preparedness program would be based on developing strong community-based institutions. The victims would be provided with necessary trainings, tool kits and country boats, as well as will be linked to relevant government departments. These initiatives will ensure that community volunteers are ready and responsible to deal with disaster when it strikes.