CAF India has a network of validated NGOs in Kerala working on the sustainable development of the community. In consultations with these NGO partners, we are continuously monitoring the ground situation and identifying the most vulnerable areas for Relief & Rehabilitation support.

Immediate Relief Being Provided:

Family Kit: It is an immediate relief support to each flood and landslides affected family, which consists of following items (One Blanket, One Mosquito Net, Medicine kit with first, Hygiene Kit, Food Kit, Water Storing Kit, One Solar lamp, One Sleeping Mat, Tarpaulin sheet)

WASH Kit: WASH Kit is an immediate support to each affected family to cater to the daily WASH needs, which consists of - Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Shampoo, Towel, Sanitary Pad, Comb, Washing Powder, Candle, Mosquito Net, Bucket, Mug, Jug, Soap, Water Purification Tablets, Bag, ORS, Antiseptic liquid, Nail cutter, safety Pins, Soap box, Mirror, Matches, Cotton cloth and Water filter.

Community Awareness & Capacity Building Programs: This activity will be targeting community, women members and children to build capacity and knowledge on WASH & BCC on Public Health Promotion. Each program will target 30 to 50 participants.

Shelter Kit: Shelter Kit is an immediate support to each family to help them in leading life in transitional shelter till the time they restore their own damaged houses. This comprehensive shelter kit consists of Blanket, Mat, Solar Lamp, Silpouline /Tarpaulin sheet, Rope, Bedsheet.

Restoration of Community Infrastructure: This activity will target restoration of community infrastructure like entire village cleanliness, hand pump restoration, restoring temporary road communication which has been damaged due to disaster and help in to bring back the village to normalcy and avoid further health hazards & disasters.