Survivor's Tales

On 25 April, 2015 a massive earthquake measuring 7.9 destroyed 489,000 homes in Nepal forcing thousands of people to seek shelter in temporary tents.

 All those who survived the catastrophic disaster are now homeless, aggrieved and unable to cope with the precarious situation. They are still waiting for aid as the atrocities accompanied by the earthquake seem to be augmenting more problems. Here are a few tales of the earthquake survivors which were narrated to Renu Sharma, our contact in Nepal.

Santaman Tamang's grevious account

Read Santaman Tamang's grievous account, who is one of the survivors of the Nepal Earthquake. "I arrived in Kathmandu with empty eyes.

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Women survivors in Karve District

Helpless women in Karve district/ Women in Karve district fighting atrocious predicaments

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