Hope is a fire that once ignited is difficult to diminish. What gives us hope in these dark gloomy times are the countless acts of kindness that have helped millions sail through the crisis up till now. The year 2020 has been an unforgiving oneā€”but your act of kindness can help light up the lives of families, who have been severely affected by COVID-19.

We, at CAF India worked with our donors to support underprivileged people across 21 states in India during the pandemic.

In continuation of our COVID Response campaign we are reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged families with interventions that will help them recover from the onslaught of COVID -19. It is not possible without your help and a dash of hope.

An act of kindness, a small considerate gift, a brief moment of joy can cut through the gloom and ignite hope. Through our campaign-- Celebrate Hope -- we invite everyone to create these countless moments of joy, that will reassure them that we have a better world to look forward to.

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