AIRCEL - NDTV 'Save Our Tigers'

The Tiger is our national animal and one that has been a part of our folklore and history for millennia. Yet this magnificent beast is on the brink of extinction. The Tiger can easily be called as the metaphor for nature, as it is a top predator and its existence ensures a healthy and a sustainable ecological balance. The year 2008 revealed the shocking number that there were just ‘1411' tigers left in India. ‘Save Our Tigers' is a campaign started by Aircel during the latter part of 2008 with an aim to create mass awareness on the plight of this magnificent beast and rally efforts to save it.

Save Our Tigers

Aircel’s tag line to bring alive the cause, ‘Just 1411 left, Save Our Tigers’, hit a chord in the hearts and minds of millions of Indians and evolved into a brand unto itself. People began to rally for the cause and started lending their voices towards it.Our seriousness towards doing our bit to Save Our Tigers has led us to partner with several well-known organizations and individuals to create an impact on ground where it really matters. We work on several projects that encompass capacity building, conflict mitigation and awareness creation. This helps us address issues in 360 degrees and reach out to create maximum impact.

Projects with WWF- India:

Aircel began active on ground support work in 2008 with WWF- India. Post a project- donor match, we conceptualized and put to practice two projects, detailed below:

Projects with Wildlife Trust of India:

Partnership with NDTV and Wildlife Conservation Trust:

Reaching the masses with their active participation in Saving Our Tigers has always been a goal of Aircel. It is only when the masses rally for a cause such as this that high impact becomes tangible and realized.

Besides this, Aircel also celebrated World Tiger Day where

Partnership with Sanctuary Asia:

Aircel partnered Sanctuary Asia in 2010 to create awareness and kindle the conservationist mindset amongst our generation next.