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Godrej Eon Tour de India is a cycling carnival in partnership with Charities Aid Foundation, India (CAF India) as an outreach and philanthropy partner for the Delhi leg. The pledges raised from this campaign will go towards charity purpose for the underpriviledged specially-able people.

It is a cycling carnival on the lines of international cycling events that are hosted worldwide. The essence of the event is to promote cycling as India’s next big sport and get more and more people to embrace the activity as a passion and a cause to ride for pride.


This is an opportunity of a lifetime for you to kick the pedal for pride. An event that gives you a chance to tread the F1 track with your special friend.

To participate in Cyclothon 2013 you can register as:

Students NGOs Individual Corporate

You can download an offline form by Clicking here, you can send your registration money through cheque in favour of "IDSPORTS".

Cyclothon 2013 is not a one off cycling event but a campaign in itself which gives you a cycle to ride for a cause. A cause to explore the champion in you.

Pledge for the champion in you.



December 2013

Your pledge can change the life of a Special Athelete.

I am Sandeep Gulliya, I was born with 3 sisters and a brother. All of them look normal unlike me, I feel I am extraordinary. My parents have always told me, to win your inabilities to excel. I don’t deny that my siblings haven’t done that. But I was different.

I think, it is always difficult for friends, classmates and relatives to accommodate and acknowledge a person like me, who according to them had a lower IQ. But that doesn’t stop me to explore my strength. I don’t like people showing sympathy to others when they have so much to deal with.

I studied in a school with normal and extraordinary children like me. I have an obsession for sports and my reflex is super. It took me a while to get a recognition to participate in sports activities in school. But it was learning for me to see the change in behavior of my classmates, when they saw the zeal and passion I have for cricket. 

My performance was recognized by the special olympics Bharat coach and they stepped in to train and groom me in the sport. Sometimes your determination to win and succeed overcomes the misconception of others and that’s what happened. I got a chance to represent the Special Olympics Bharat-Delhi Team at national and International events such as the Bangladesh Cricket Tournament 2008 and The cricket carnival in Delhi in 2009.

I remember Tare Zame Par, A movie that was revolutionary in nature, which outrightly spoke about extraordinary children with special talent. My mother used to tell me, disability is not physical but mental. I could so see that in my case, when I succeeded people followed me and my ability outweighed the reluctance that my classmates had for me. Now I have lot of friends and admirers.

With my leadership skills, I became a coach and was invited to join as a Coach to train  coaches in the exclusive private cricket academy in my previous school. As an Assistant Coach I work with other children with disabilities helping them in whatever way I can to groom their skills. I learnt the importance of team spirit and I trained my fellow athletes. We travel together, play together, share our mistakes, improve on them and this team spirit is what I have learnt at Special Olympics.”

I would like to thank my coach Khurram sir, who has been the best friend and a mentor to me. Because of him, I was selected to represent India floor hockey team at the Special Olympics World Winter Games in South Korea in 2013.

I aspire and dream to be a part of Asia Pacific Regional Games to be held in Newcastle, Australia in December this year for which I putting my best foot forward.

I saw a champion in me, a champion who crossed all hurdles, who won all hearts.

Are you ready to support the champion in you. Ride with me in Gordrej Eon Tour de India.


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